Friday, 29 March 2013

My Favorite: Gadgets

 Mr. Mustache ring - mintgroenGiraffe ringKetting eiffeltoren en kwastje

Hey Hey everyone,

I found a great site I think it really has tings that girls want. But still not too gurly you know.
In this shop you will find a changing range of Fashion jewelery, bags & accessories at a great price, to reflect the latest trends.

Cakejes oorbellen
What do you think it is? Yes they are earrings can you believe it?
You can put you iddeas in this shop too so they can get new ideas .
Blauw horloge Amerikaanse vlag
American Flag -Timeless- Only 10.-Fat Wayfarer zwart
Cupcake tissues
Cupcake Tissues-For the people who love crazy things
Look:Orange bag
Cupcake choco Handcrème
Lipbalm Purse.
Cupcake choco handcremeStrawberry was set love Demi&Lola .

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