Sunday, 7 April 2013

New ALBUM Demi Lovato

  • Demi's New album Demi will be released in may and because we love her songs we searched for some info.

  • Tracklist:

     1. Heart Attack
     2. Made In The USA
     3. Without the Love
     4. Neon Lights
     5. Two Pieces
     6. Nightingale
     7. In Case
     8. Really Don't Care
     9. Fire Starter
     10. Something That We're Not
     11. Never Been Hurt
     12. Shouldn't Come Back
     13. Warrior

    Demi Lovato’s new album, which she describes as ‘my story,’ comes out May 14.
    If the art for Demi Lovato‘s upcoming album is any indication, Demi will find the singer baring all! Demi, 20, revealed the highly anticipated cover March 31 on her website, shocking her fans with a sexy, topless look.
    On the cover, Demi is covered in silver body paint, as she shoots an intense look at the camera.

    Want more visit the site:

    Cher Lloyd sings a duet with Demi Lovato on her new album

    Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd


    Friday, 29 March 2013

    Things that makes YOU smile!


    We like to Welcome a new member Elisabeth.
    Thanks for being our first follower!


    My Favorite: Gadgets

     Mr. Mustache ring - mintgroenGiraffe ringKetting eiffeltoren en kwastje

    Hey Hey everyone,

    I found a great site I think it really has tings that girls want. But still not too gurly you know.
    In this shop you will find a changing range of Fashion jewelery, bags & accessories at a great price, to reflect the latest trends.

    Cakejes oorbellen
    What do you think it is? Yes they are earrings can you believe it?
    You can put you iddeas in this shop too so they can get new ideas .
    Blauw horloge Amerikaanse vlag
    American Flag -Timeless- Only 10.-Fat Wayfarer zwart
    Cupcake tissues
    Cupcake Tissues-For the people who love crazy things
    Look:Orange bag
    Cupcake choco Handcrème
    Lipbalm Purse.
    Cupcake choco handcremeStrawberry was set love Demi&Lola .

    Sunday, 24 March 2013

    Coming Up!

    Coming Up Making your own walk-in-closet.

    We already had a room and walk-in-closet post but, this one will be quite different.
    I have like a little extra space underneath the staircase in my room. So I thought why would I buy a closet if I can make one and show you guys.


    and follow us.


    Tuesday, 19 March 2013

    Skin Types. Dry?Fat?Combination? Normal?Oil?find out!

    Hey Hey,
    This article is all about skin tipes!
    Enjoy this article!
    How does a night cream work? 
     There are three types of night creams can be distinguished. Regenerating cream accelerate cell production, healing creams tackle the effects of harmful factors such as UV radiation and anti-wrinkle creams make the skin smooth. The main purpose of a night cream is the hydration of the skin. The night cream protects the resilience of the skin tissue by supporting the production of elastin and collagen. Our skin cells regenerate at night and just at that moment, night creams renewal support. A night cream has thus also an anti-wrinkle effect.

    What types of night cream are there?So many skin types, so many creams. What a great one skin cream is for the other skin not only useful and sometimes causes only a shiny face. What cream should you use for any skin type? Important is that a night cream to the skin to help restore the harmful factors where one is exposed to daylight.

    The Normal skinn Type, 22.42 euro by Lancaster
    Normal skin type
    Normal skin does not feel dry or greasy.
    The pores are visible but not large.
    After a wash the skin feels soft and comfortable.
    By noon, the skin feels so fresh and clean.
    Pimples are only very occasionally.

    No shiny nose and chapped cheeks or chin.

    For the Dry Skinn. 13.46 by Ici Paris
    Dry skin
    Dry skin has a thin and papery texture.
    It feels dry to the touch.
    The pores are very fine.
    After a wash it feels tight
    By noon, appear scaly spots.

    Has rarely pimples.
    Clinique Wash-Away Gel Cleanser 5 oz
    It was verry hard to find a good oily skin type cleanser or creme so for detail you better go yo your drogistery.Clinique 6.99.- Is a good option.
    Oily skin type
    This type of skin feels very greasy.
    The texture is often very thick and coarse.
    There are large, visible pores.
    After a wash it feels fine.
    By noon the skin shine.

    Pimples and blackheads are common.

    Combination skin  

    We Love: Color Blocking Nails