Thursday, 31 January 2013

DIY:Pimp Your Phone

Hey Hey,
We love cases and this is how you pimp them. EnJoy! And its realy easy and remember Practise makes Perfect!

 Things you need:
- A basiccase
- Accesoires/ Nail Supplies
-Glu or Nail Polish
-A Phone

Step 1: We gonna show you how to make a hello Kitty case!
Pic a case you preffer, but i would reccomend  this kind of cases(see picture)
And put your little stones or diamonds on your case. And you can totally go crazy. And make it totally hot.
 First take a case, Than cut the shape of hello kitty or your own shape like a heart. But make it half so you can glu it on your case. Let it dry for like 5 minutes. Then you  put the diamons on. And wolla!
Here are some links were you can buy them:
Nail Assecoires
Flat back Supplies
Rine Stones

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Diy: Make your own Lipgloss

Hey Hey,

How to make your own Lipgloss?
Here's  how ( Dont forget to follow us)!:

Things You need:
  • A pot
  • Vaseline / lipstick
  • Eyeshadow or Collor exstracs
  • Spoon
  • Clean hands
  • You can ad glitter if you like
  • Microwave
 Ok, First start to put the vaseline in the other pot. And then put your favorite collor to. Then blend it in so you dont have little bolls. Place some petroleum jelly into your microwavable container
If you are using lipstick, use a knife to shave off some lipstick scrapings and add them to the petroleum jelly
Microwave the petroleum jelly for 30 seconds to one minute.
It doesn't need to be hot, you just want to melt it a bit to make it easier to mix your ingredients together
Add glitter, and flavoring if you're using it. Make it blend well.
And here you go you self maked lipgloss! You can varies just the way you want.
xx Lola&Demi

Every Eye his own color:

Hey Hey,
Did you know that every eye color has his own kind of make-up? We sorted it out for you! Tip: Look at the color of the lips by the pictures you can try the same.

Brown/Black Eyes:
For brown eyes: Tints like Blue, Brown and black coloured eye shadow always works.
As you see blue/purple eye shadow make's your eyes stand out very nice!
And Dark brown/Read tints does work!It  make's your eyes big espesially if you dont have very big eyes like me.

Blue Eyes:
As you see gold just looks stunning.And dont forget big lashes gif you just that kind of mystical look. And light blue collors gifst something flirty. Your eyes allready stands a little out so the natural look is recomended.

Green/Grey Eyes:
If you have green eyes try the opeside color of your eyes like very dark colors.Your eyes allready stands a little out so the natural look is recomended. Purpels or Dark blues. Smokey eyes is recomended.For the grey eyes you can do the same things. And dont forget Eyeliner can do miracles! But dont forget try to stay natural. xoxo Lola&Desi

Exstra Pics:

Friday, 25 January 2013

Get the Look!

Some cool hairdo's and styling ideas.
So Get the Look with our first LookBook.

Celeb Of The Week:
Zendaya Coleman <'3



xxx Lola&Demi