Wednesday, 9 January 2013

DIY: Das Da Fashion! (Ombre Shorts)

Hi HI, We spotted some amazing DIY fashion! So thats why we are showing them on our site! Enjoy!O

This is cool, easy to do and still verry stylish especially if you want to dress on low budget!

When we saw this we wanted to know how it was made. This is just amazing to wear in the summer.
Here it is (Step by step helping guide):
Step 1:
Cut your jeans to your desire lenght or use a short.
Mark where you want the ombré affect to start, then apply the bleach under where you have marked. I have used Sellotape as a guid but you could use a marker.
 Step 4:
Use the toothbrush to rub in the bleach, do the same to the back of the jeans as well. Remove the Sellotape, then blend out any harsh lines with the toothbrush.
Step5:Leave them for 30-1hr. Keep checking until desired colour is achieved, when it is put them in the washing machine.
Step6:  When the wash is finished, trim off any unwanted threads.

That is how you make the amazing ombre shorts! 

This one is just realy cool we are so gonna try it out and we will let you know : D

Kiss Lola&Demi

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